Together We Stand…or do we?

WHAT IF the Democratic Candidates for the office of President of the United States JOINED TOGETHER, right NOW as one UNITED GROUP, and authored a piece of legislation – a Bill that would BAN the sale of any and all Weapons Of Crass Destruction, including automatic weapons and any AK47-type Instruments of Death.

Picture this:

The Bill calls for very specific and very harsh penalties for buyers and sellers who violate the ban, and a corporation-crushing penalty assessed on the manufacturer, distributor, seller, promoter and insurer of any such weapon used in the commission of the killing or injuring of any person, along with a per victim assessment of damages (you should not pardon the expression) calibrated to economically ruin any such business, or the agents of any such business.  Said Bill is to be immediately introduced into the House of Representatives and woe to any Democrat who raises a voice or vote against it!

I can see it now:

Standing side-by-side, the Candidates announce that enormous funding is being secured, from extremely wealthy individuals, as well as a significant assemblage of sane corporations, and there will be enough money to launch a massive, loud and relentless campaign to make it very uncomfortable (read politically and professionally suicidal) for any member of the House or Senate, of any political party, to oppose the Bill.  The names of civilian financial supporters reads like a Who’s Who of Hollywood in particular and America in general.  Working together, the Democratic Candidates vow to destroy the NRA’s strangle-hold on Sanity.  Working together these candidates vow to put an abrupt and final end to the slaughter of innocent children, women and men. 

I can see the front-page newspaper coverage; the billboards; the internet ads; the YouTube clips made by the biggest names in music.  I can see the TV campaign and hear America’s most beloved stars as they look directly into the camera and, with a heart-wrenching belief in the fundamental humanity of the Human Race, speak the words:  “Any American company that works to prevent the passage of this Bill, or that conducts business in defiance of this Bill, will feel the wrath of the American buying public.  WE WILL END YOU!”.  I can feel the nation-wide outrage of an America that has finally had enough!

In this tidal wave of emotional urgency, working as one for the ultimate common good – the saving of human lives – these disparate and competing politicians will demonstrate, for all the world to see, exactly what the Founding Father’s dream of a duly-elected American government Of The People, By The People and For The People actually looks like. 

YES WE CAN!…but will they?

I challenge each of the Democratic Party’s contenders.  This is not “the time that tries men’s souls”. This is the time to prove that you are a decent Human Being who knows the difference between right and wrong – that you have chosen to seek elected office not for the fame, or the glory, or the money, or the power, but for the good that you can do.

I write this to inspire the presidential candidates of the Democratic Party to stand together and remind all members of Congress that they were elected to serve and protect all the people of America not the special interests of the few.  Tell our elected leaders that if their  financial relationship with the makers and marketers of Weapons of Crass Destruction is more precious to them than the lives of Americans –  that We The People will shame them, as they deserve to be shamed!  Make it clear to all who  currently own or possess these Implements of Death that their days of owning, possessing or acquiring all such weapons are officially over – that the right of a few to possess such weapons is about to be overridden by the right of all to live in a safe and sane America!

To each and every candidate seeking to win the office of President of the United States – whoever you are – whatever party you call your own –  We The People of America challenge you.  If you think you are worthy of the highest office in this land, prove it, NOW!  Join forces – join hands – and STOP THE KILLING!


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Place the word “The” in front of any group, ethnicity, or classification of people and what do you get? You get an instantaneous separation — an “Us” vs. “Them”.  Examples? You want examples? Okee dokee, here are a few:

THE Jews…THE Blacks…THE Gays…THE Muslims.  When the word “the” is used to introduce any group of people I experience an immediate (and thoroughly involuntary) discomfort.  When I read:  “The Jews around the world are…” my gut reaction is not at all the same as when I read “Jews around the world are..”.  Is it paranoia that triggers my discomfort?  I think not.  Paranoia is defined as “unjustified fear”, and history teaches that there is nothing UNjustified about fear induced by words that target specific people.  

For me, use of the word “the” in relation to any group of people is a Dog Whistle intended to alert the racists, xenophobes, misogynists and homophobes of the world to the existence, activities, or supposed intentions of certain individuals.  It implies that a nefarious motivation lies behind whatever activity is being discussed, that that motivation is shared by every member of whatever group is being discussed, and that that group poses a real and present danger to the people doing the discussing.

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of this planet’s citizens, the greatest threat faced today comes from the individuals (and supporting players) entrusted to “protect and defend” the citizens of planet Earth.  Today, the supposed “protectors” are, in reality, the predators and they are the very people most inclined to employ tools of division.  Look around — read the daily reports of who’s doing what to whom and you will quickly see that a startling number of this world’s national leaders are the instigators of insurrection and the mentors of the misbegotten. 

Britain’s newly-minted Prime Minister has surrounded himself with card-carrying homophobes, xenophobes and misogynists.  There are riots in the streets of Hong Kong, Manila, Brazil, and Venezuela protesting the hate-fueled policies of the leadership of each.  And, of course, there is the outrageous occupying presence of the so-called “Leader of the Free World”.

Seemingly overnight (though, in truth, after a long-festering tidal wave of worldwide ugliness), the leadership of country after country has landed in the lap of  lunatics.  Like it or not (and if you like it you are part and parcel of this world’s woes), on the threshold of the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, the “festival of Peace and Love”, we have arrived at the Dawning of The Age of Nefarious!

— Y.Not? (aka Brooke Jones)

America’s Official New Language

In his ongoing efforts to “Make America Great Again”, the President has just announced that America now has an official Language and the official name of the official language of the United States of America is “The American Language”, or Americanese”.

Addressing a White House Rose Garden crowd of 1.6 million (according to the official White House head-count), Trump presented his vision of America’s new language, saying: “The English Language is okay for English people who live in English countries, but Americans live in America – the greatest country in the world, and the greatest country in the world should have the greatest language in the world, not some other country’s language”.

To accompany the launch of “Americanese“, America’s new official language, a 114-page “unabridged” official Dictionary has been published.  The official name of the official Dictionary of the new official language of America is “The New American Language Dictionary of Phrases, Idioms, Grammar and Speech” (“The New American Language Dictionary of P.I.G. Speech”?!). 

Here are a few words and phrases to be found in America’s new official Dictionary.  The words will be familiar to you, but in the official new language of “Americanese”, many have been given a new definition.

The word “Bankruptcy” has been replaced by the phrase “Portfolio Alignment”. “Bribery” is now to be known as “Gifting”, and “Conspiracy” is now “Strategizing”. 

In Americanese, the legal term “Obstruction of Justice” has been renamed “Creative Perspective Engineering”.  The entry for the word “Immigrant” reads as follows: “any non-Caucasian person who attempts to enter the United States for the purpose of residing therein (See also: Invader)”.

What has long been known as “Gerrymandering” (the political manipulation of voting districts) is now to be known as “Consensus Development”;  the word “Treason” is now “Priority Reassessment”, and if you look up the word “Win” or “Winning”, you will find “Trump” or “Trumping”. According to the official Dictionary of the new official language of America, the terms “Moron”, “Idiot”, and “Douche Bag” are now synonyms for “Genius”.

The word “Misogynist” is now defined as “any Caucasian male person who offers guidance or instruction to any female person”.  Look up the word “Wife” in the New American Language Dictionary of Phrases, Idioms, Grammar and Speech and you will find that it has been replaced by the phrase “Subordinate Claws”, and the word “Racist” is now defined as “one who drives Race Cars”.

“Wikipedia” is the new word for “Encyclopedia”.  A “Journalist” is defined as “any person who accurately publishes, disseminates, or broadcasts news as presented by authorized representatives of the office of the President of the United States”.  “Fake News” appears in the New American Language Dictionary and is defined as: “any person or organization that publishes, disseminates, or broadcasts any information detrimental to the well-being of the President of the United States and, therefore, by proxy, detrimental to the well-being of America. (See also: Traitor)”.

The Republican Party’s well-known moniker “G.O.P.”. which has long stood for “Grand Old Party” now stands for “God’s Own Party”, and the official new name of the Democratic Party is “The Donner Party”. 

At the urging of Mr. Trump, America’s new Dictionary includes a 40-page Coloring Book Section and an assortment of crayons, to, in the words of the President  “make it fun for kids to learn good speaking”.

Concluding his Rose Garden announcement, the President said: “We even have an official slogan for America’s new official language and that slogan is: “My America Speaks American”.  And with that, he proudly placed a new red baseball cap, complete with brand new slogan, on his head and marched into the White House which, by the way, is now called “Trump Palace”.

–Y.Not? (aka Brooke Jones)