All The Noise That’s Fit To Print

Who is Donald John Trump?  He is the tantrum-throwing toddler in the cereal aisle of your local grocery store.  He is the sticky-fingered six-year-old who, caught with both hands in the cookie jar, glares at his brother and shrieks “HE did it!”  He is the Demon Child of Twilight Zone who, by merely pointing, sends innocent neighbors and dogs to their doom in the Corn Field, as impotent adults smile feebly and say “It’s good, what you done!”

Good morning, America – where are you?!  Yonder Corn Field is fast approaching Standing Room Only status.  Meanwhile the self-proclaimed Stable Genius, he of the “great and unmatched wisdom”,  passed Open Mouth, Insert Foot Station long ago, and has arrived, kicking and screaming, at Opens Mouth Only To Change Socks Junction.  Indeed, he who has yet to meet a silence he couldn’t shatter is but a whisper away from his Waterloo Depot.  It would take so very little to send him over the edge.  Just a nudge…a simple jolt…almost nothing really.  In fact, nothing is the very thing required.  Allow me to explain.

The roar of the crowd is his life’s blood.  Solitude, his personal Hell.  He is the anti-cockroach who runs from the darkness.  The Spotlight is his solace, his safe Haven.  It is also his addiction. And so, I suggest that We The People, generous to a fault as we can sometimes be, give to he who is animated by nothing more than our attention, a generous helping of absolutely…nothing.

Let us deprive him of that which he so desperately craves.  All it would take is a media paradigm shift.  No small matter, I confess – but one that could result in the salvation of civilization. (Forgive me the hyperbole, but these are perilous times, and what, after all, is hyperbole compared to the perils we humans now face?).

Let all newspapers, magazines and internet sites print his words, as they see fit, but withhold all images of him.   Let the Talking Heads of TV News recite his words, with full attribution, of course, but refrain from televising any photograph or video of him.  Let the TV, Radio and Internet airwaves be free of the sound of his voice.  No doubt, Fox and Sinclair Broadcasting will not jump on to this new Band(width) Wagon, but even they, powerful as they may be, will be no match for the media outlets of the world.

To all media, foreign and domestic – ABC; CBS; NBC; MSNBC; CNN; BBC; the Washington Post; Huffington Post; WSJ; the Times of London and New York; Time Magazine, even YouTube and Facebook – to all of you I say:  Let your printed pages present his lunacy; let your news readers, and reporters repeat his raving diatribes, but let him be deprived of the sound he so adores – the sniffling, snorting insanity of his own vainglorious voice.  Let us sentence him to live in a world that will not beam his bloated image back to him on TV or computer screens. 

The time has come for us to end his rabid assault on Humanity.  Let us help him to take that final frenzied step.  Let us assist him in his ultimate unraveling.  He is oh so very close.  With just our gift of abstinence, he is sure to come unglued, and from his frustrated, frothing mouth will come the very words that will be his undoing.  The Madman, at long last unhinged, will seal his own Fate.  With his unwitting, ne witless, assistance, no Impeachment Trial will be required, and not even Mitch McConnell and his lockstep Lemmings will have the power to prevent the unfurling of the 25th Amendment.  And all that is required is the formal introduction of nothing – the nothing that only a Media Moratorium can bring.

Let he who must be banished, be delivered to the abyss by the frenetic cacophony of his own full-blown craziness, unleashed, at last, by a world in which his image is not seen and his voice is not heard.  Let our national nightmare end, not with a gavel’s bang, but with the whining, wailing, whimpering of a deranged man-child whose time upon the world’s stage has finally, mercifully, come to an end. 


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Author: WrittenByBrookeJones

Amazon Best Selling Author of "WHY ARE THERE MONKEYS? (and other questions for God)"; Blogger; Meme Maven (Facebook/CampMemeADay); Political Satirist; former SF and LA radio personality; Stand-Up Comedian turned Sit-Down Comedian (due to ever advancing decrepitude); Breast Cancer Warrior; Creator of CardBard Greetings ( because... Y.Not?!

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