To Summit Up…

It’s official — nauseating, despicable and illegal, but official — the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the U.K. are now scheduled to each pay a fortune for the dubious honor of participating in the upcoming 2020 G7 Summit.

Okay, that’s not the nauseating, despicable, illegal official thing. The nauseating, despicable, illegal official thing is this: at the whim of Donald Trump, the 2020 G7 Summit will be held at the Donald Trump owned, allegedly bed-bug infested Doral Country Club, which means that every Dollar, Yen, Euro and Pound paid by the attendees will go directly, do not pass Go, into the porcine pockets of…Donald Trump.

Moving right along…

Fact #1) The U.S. Constitution specifically prohibits a sitting, standing (or lying!) president from accepting payments of any kind from any foreign entities,

Fact #2) Donald Trump believes himself to be above the U.S. Constitution and immune to its prohibitions.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (so to speak)…

As the saner elected members of the U.S Congress wring their hands, clutch their pearls and bemoan this obvious travesty, what they are actually doing to prevent this heinous flaunting of our nation’s most sacrosanct commandments is…oh, that’s right…they are doing nothing to prevent it. Once again, Donald Trump does what Donald Trump wants to do — the law be damned!

But wait! There is one thing that can be done to prevent Donald Trump from yet again breaking the law while simultaneously padding his pockets. While the elected officials of the United States may be powerless to prevent yet another Trump Triumph, there are six elected officials whose power he is powerless to prevent! And so, to those six I pen this letter:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; French President Emmanuel Macron; German Chancellor Angela Merkel; Italian President Sergio Mattarella; Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson:

It is Donald Trump’s stated intention to act in violation of the United States Constitution by personally profitting from the duties of his office. This letter refers specifically to the upcoming 2020 G7 Summit.

Donald Trump has just announced that he intends to host the G7 meeting on the premises of the Doral Country Club, the allegedly bed-bug infested resort that he personally owns. (He also announced that, during the Summit, he will allow no discussions of Climate-related issues, but edicate dictates that civilized epistles contain no more than one mind-boggling topic, so I will leave his Climate Commandment for another time).

As I was saying…should you choose to attend the Trump-hosted Summit, all fees you will pay to stay in his resort, including room fees, food and beverage, entertainment, bug repellant, et al, will go directly into his pocket. Such action is specifically prohibited by the very Constitution he has sworn to uphold.

In light of Donald Trump’s flagrant disregard for the laws of this land, and his intention to personally profit from your efforts to serve the peoples of your respective nations, I ask that, for calendar year 2020, you revoke the U.S.’s membership in your esteemed group, and conduct your 2020 Summit as the G6, at the location of your choosing.

By so doing, you will not only deny Donald Trump the opportunity to literally enrich himself at your expense, but you will show him that democratic nations of honor, world wide, abhor ruthless leaders who care more for personal profits than they do for the welfare of the people they are sworn to serve. (You would also then be able to discuss such issues as the imminent end of life on planet Earth and what can be done to prevent it. That would be apppreciated.)

On behalf of the People and the Constitution of the United States of America, I thank you.


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