The History of DJT

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Before I give ANY of these “companies” my hard-earned money, I want to know WHO they are! (Especially the “companies” that make CLAIMS like “Instead of laying off our beloved employees we decided to keep all of them and have them make these life-saving MASKS” — I actually saw an ad that said THAT! …and so I repeat: Who are these people?)

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On behalf of the (wo)management & staff of “What If…?”, I wish you PEACE. Please stay SAFE, HEALTHY and at least moderately SANE amid the INSANITY that now surrounds us ALL.

Author: WrittenByBrookeJones

Amazon Best Selling Author of "WHY ARE THERE MONKEYS? (and other questions for God)"; Blogger; Meme Maven (Facebook/CampMemeADay); Political Satirist; former SF and LA radio personality; Stand-Up Comedian turned Sit-Down Comedian (due to ever advancing decrepitude); Breast Cancer Warrior; Creator of CardBard Greetings ( because... Y.Not?!

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