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AN OPEN LETTER TO: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer:

     On behalf of all Americans (and, perhaps, all of Humanity), I beseech you seven men to join hands and put your significant financial resources to the greatest of all possible uses – save us from the Plague that now threatens not only the lives of millions of people, but Society itself!

     It is abundantly clear that the current United States Government will not save us, but YOU can.  Together you men have the intelligence, experience, skill and resources required to ensure the research, development, manufacturing and equitable distribution of all the tools, instruments and medications needed to end this Pandemic and save countless lives.  Financial power such as yours could be put to no greater use!

     If you choose, instead, to leave the Fate of America in the hands of the incompetent, sociopathic Donald Trump and his greedy cronies, millions of your fellow Americans could die.  And when, at last, this scourge has ended, the America YOU were born and raised in – the America that made your amazing personal success possible — the America that so many fought and died to defend – THAT America will be no more.

     The Future of We The People, the Future of America itself, teeters on the brink of extinction. Will YOU save us? OUR FUTURE IS UP TO YOU!

MOST desperately,

We The People

Y.Not?! (aka Brooke Jones)

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Bring Out Your Dead!

(with infinite thanks to Monty Python)

Donald John Trump said he considers himself a “Wartime President”.  Well, okay…so we’re at war with a VIRUS.  It has surrounded us.  It has broken though our defenses.  It is staring us ALL right in the face!

SO…hey there, Mr. Commander-In-Wartime-Chief — why are you not commanding your corporate troops to IMMEDIATELY ARM your Front-Line Troops (health-care workers)? Why are you not commanding that ALL necessary provisions be immediately transported to the Battle Field?  Why are you not commanding all Munitions Suppliers to RAMP UP Munitions Supply MANUFACTURING?  Why are you putting your ENTIRE troop force in the direct line of fire – completely UNARMED?

An ACTUAL Commander-In-Wartime-Chief would ensure that ALL troops have everything they need to WIN the war.  An ACTUAL Commander-In-Wartime-Chief would protect the Homeland by MANDATING that all products needed to WIN the war are being manufactured and delivered.  An ACTUAL Commander-In-Wartime-Chief would do everything possible to ensure that the citizens in his/her charge would remain out of harm’s way.  An ACTUAL Commander-In-Wartime-Chief would make certain that EVERYTHING that can be done to protect the nation and ALL its citizens is actually being done.  An ACTUAL Commander-In-Wartime-Chief would make all of THAT the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY of the office of Commander-In-WARTIME-Chief!

Unfortunately, YOU, Mister “Anything but “Commander-In-Wartime-Chief”,  You have SURRENDERED the health and safety of this nation, and instead of protecting We The People, YOU have sacrificed the lives of We The People in exchange for YOUR personal BANK ACCOUNT!

Ample evidence proves that you knew about the existence of this killer virus months before you made that knowledge public.  Ample evidence proves that you intentionally hid that knowledge from the citizens you are sworn to protect.  Ample evidence proves that your love of money far outweighs your concern for our planet, our nation, and our citizens!

You, Donald Trump, are NO “Wartime President”.  You, Donald Trump, are NO “Commander-In-Chief’.  You, Donald Trump, are NO ‘Leader of The Free World’.  You, Donald Trump, are a TRAITOR to the nation you swore an OATH to protect. 

Because of You, Donald Trump, thousands and THOUSANDS of American citizens will die at the hands of the enemy your actions have not only NOT defeated,  but, in fact, have aided and abetted.  You, Donald John Trump, are a MASS MURDERER!

Y.Not?! (aka Brooke Jones)

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Kung Flu Fighting….

On Wednesday, March 4, 2020, the man who believes that windmills cause cancer; Belgium is a city; and in 1775 England was attacking America with airplanes, told the world that he knows more about the Coronavirus than  does the World Health Organization.

“I have a hunch” Trump said.  “This Corona thing is no big deal.  If you get it you might not even know cause it’s mild, and anyway, you’ll probably get better and you can get better just as easy at work as you can at home so if you get it you should definitely go to work!”

ATTENTION:  Legion Of Lunatic Lemmings:

Your Leader has spoken and you MUST heed his words ‘cause he was sent by God, ya know…or now he IS God – one or the other – I forget.  But anyway, you worship him, and you know he’s always right and he would NEVER tell a lie, so, by all means, if you get the Coronavirus, you should do as your Leader tells you and GO TO WORK!

ATTENTION:  Everybody Else:

It’s entirely possible that by Election Day, November 3, 2020, there will be considerably fewer Trump voters still drawing breath.  …I’m just sayin’…

-Y.Not (aka Brooke Jones)

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Pike Speak

                                                                                  January 25, 2020

Dear Senators,

I appreciate the many long hours you are putting in to deal with the Impeachment Hoax being forced on you by those who care more for their own selfish motives than for our glorious government.

To help make sure you do not suffer from the long hours, I am sending you a luxurious deluxe and very expensive Pillow that will help you get the best night’s sleep anybody has ever had!  These deluxe Pillows are limited quantity so some of you will receive the beautiful deluxe Pike Pillow and others will get the beautiful deluxe Park Pillow.  Each one is top of the line and the Best Pillow money can buy!

The reference to ‘heads on pikes’ was obviously a reference to the wonderful night’s sleep Senators who receive these beautiful Pillows will soon experience.  Any unpleasant reference to these extremely expensive Pillows is obviously a rude and nasty comment made by the rude and nasty Do Nothing Democrats.

As your President I thank you for your loyalty just as I know you will soon be thanking me for this beautiful expensive gift. 


Donald J. Trump

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Is American Democracy Doomed?

“IS AMERICAN DEMOCRACY DOOMED?”, I asked several months ago. MUCH has happened since then and now, months after first posing that question, I find my answer all the more ominous. Please READ & SHARE.


In the earliest days of Donald Trump’s occupation of the White House, Steve Bannon, Trump’s bloated, bloviating
“Fixer”, and the man some referred to as ‘the author of the Apocalypse’, spoke freely
about the plan to dismantle American Democracy.
The hiring of incompetents to head all Cabinet posts was merely Step One
of the Bannon agenda. (Step One: Check).
Steve Bannon’s Wet Dream envisioned destabilizing the very pillars of American
governance, then confiscating all he deemed worthy of owning and selling all
the rest (all buyers welcome, regardless
of political or national affiliation). Steve
Bannon may be gone from the West Wing, but his agenda lives on, and what we
have witnessed for these past two-plus years, is the systematic implementation
of his despicable plan.

Is it already too late to save America? There are so many questions we should all be asking. Questions including, but certainly not limited to:…

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His HineAss, aka “Plumpty Trumpty”; “DonKey Bloaty”; & (p)Resident Dump (in the absence of Russian Hookers the “P” is silent), desperately craves a Nobel Prize….so…we have decided to give him one. (as we all know, he cannot spell, so, if no one mentions the spelling to him, he will be thrilled by this honor and will brag about it to anyone who will listen)

–Y.Not?! (aka Brooke Jones)