A Punishment Befitting…

If I had the power to do so, I would gather up every elected U.S. lawmaker who refused to vote to outlaw the sale of assault rifles and/or has failed to vote for legislation that strictly limits and controls the purchase of all guns. I would gather them up and I would lock every one of them in a tiny, windowless room, alone. Once securely strapped into a chair, each of them would spend the next twelve hours being bombarded by images of the Uvalde victims, projected, floor-to-ceiling, on all four walls. For twelve hours, these alleged “Servants Of The People” would see nothing but pictures of the maimed and mutilated bodies of dying children, and they would hear nothing but the sound of every rifle shot and every horrifying SCREAM of the innocent victims, amplified to ear-drum shattering levels.

That is what should be done to every elected American lawmaker who has failed to vote to BAN the sale of the WMDs (Weapons of Mutilating Death) that are being used to maim and murder! That same punishment should be experienced by every policy-making official of the NRA as well as every CEO, Director or Owner of any company, organization or corporation that manufactures, distributes or sells those guns and accompanying ammunition.

When the subject is Guns In America, there are only two categories of people: those who cherish human life more than money or power, and those who cherish money or power more than human life. Which category do your elected officials belong in? Their voting history will provide you with that answer and, because votes cast by members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives are a matter of public record, how your elected officials voted is available for all to see. Go online and see for yourself, then, armed with that ammunition, each and every Election Day, vote — vote as if lives depend on the ballots we cast because… they do! Ballots can stop bullets!
Those who profit from the pain of the innocent must be made to suffer!

— Y. Not?! (aka Brooke Jones)


Author: WrittenByBrookeJones

Amazon Best Selling Author of "WHY ARE THERE MONKEYS? (and other questions for God)"; Blogger; Meme Maven (Facebook/CampMemeADay); Political Satirist; former SF and LA radio personality; Stand-Up Comedian turned Sit-Down Comedian (due to ever advancing decrepitude); Breast Cancer Warrior; Creator of CardBard Greetings (zazzle.com/thecardoutlet) because... Y.Not?!

One thought on “A Punishment Befitting…”

  1. Hey BJ, Eloquently put. I can only comment to your post if I have a website…which I do not. Hope all is well with you, as it is with us. We have a TV studio and a closed-circuit TV station on campus. Everyone is interviewed on the channel. I wouldn’t want to ask anyone to do it again for me alone. There is an exception…a fellow here who was a film editor worked, with his brother, in the late years of vaudeville and actually worked with, and knew Daisy and Violet Hilton, the Hilton Sisters, famous, conjoined twins with whom I’ve been fascinated since I saw them in Todd Browning’s 1933 film, Freaks. I’m going to do a video interview with him for my records and for my friend who owned the Venice Beach Freak Show. Don’t know if I’ve directed you to our friend, Kanya Sesser, on YouTube. She’s amazing. A championship surfer, skateboarder, snowboarder, skier, motivational speaker, fashion model (New York Fashion Week), she was born in Thailand without legs. Carry on, stay healthy, stay safe. GB


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